What we offer

In Start-up Coaching we work on the transformation of an idea into a goal, plan and finally, business. In parallel, however, startup coaching focuses on the development of more accurate professional profile of the entrepreneur to the team.

What is Startup Coaching

Startup Coaching is a specialized application of Business Coaching to start-ups and potential entrepreneurs. The coach accompanies and strengthens young entrepreneurs in the three-fold: innovation – clientele targeting – rapid growth. The coach works both in individual sessions with the entrepreneur and in team sessions with the team that implements an idea.

  • Preparation – Design – Action
    The stages of preparation and planning are crucial in the transformation process and in Startup Coaching, prior to entering the phase of main implementation.
  • Professionalization and consistency
    The cultivation of a professional attitude and behavior towards the venture will transform the idea into a business with a clear plan, roles and functions.

Why to choose us?

We apply an evidence-based, solution-focused, action and outcome oriented approach. We believe in human potential and the huge impact of small-scale qualitative interventions.


We are uniquely specialized in Coaching, Training & Psychology.


10 years of experience with executives, organizations and security services.


Distinct methodology, measurable outcome, no quotes.


Strict confidentiality rules for your industrial and personal data.

Ideal for:

Startup Coaching is aimed at people who have formed a business idea and are in the preparation stage or have begun its implementation. More specifically:

  • Potential and young entrepreneurs.
  • Young entrepreneur teams.
  • Startups that are already running.

Startup Coaching works on:

  • Vision building.
  • Development of shared identity, principles and values.
  • Motivation.
  • Familiarity with the goal setting process.
  • Sets individual goals, designs a plan.
  • Supports the implementation of actions.
  • Cultivation of leadership and self-regulation skills.
  • Strengthens self-confidence and empowers young entrepreneurs.
  • Takes advantage of the character’s positive elements.
  • Improvement of performance and management of interpersonal relationships.
  • Focus on action and effectiveness.
  • Professionalization and development of stable work behaviors.
  • Cultivation of team spirit, clarification of roles and division of work (in case of a group).

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