Our methodology

Our interventions follow a clear and stable structure, through four implementation stages. This structure is tailored to each request in order to deliver the expected results.

Step 1: Reception & Assessment of the request

At this stage, the reception and assessment of your request is implemented. We hold sessions with all involved persons. We take a look at your needs, expectations, goals, map the context and evaluate the dynamics of the request. This phase is extremely important as it is finalized with a forecast that will also judge the future of our cooperation. In any case, we give you a detailed account of the methodology, the possibilities of our interventions, the solutions we propose and the limitations of the project.

Step 2: Designing the intervention plan.

Once the assessment process is completed, we design our intervention plan, which includes: the initial objectives, the results of the first phase, the prognosis of the expected results, the approach we will use, the number of sessions / training hours required. The plan is submitted in writing and all parties are committed to supporting the project from their position.

Step 3: Project Implementation & Supervision.

At this stage, the project is implemented as the sessions or training workshops are held according to plan. During the implementation, we receive constant feedback from coaches / trainees and we regularly cooperate with all the parties involved on the project’s progress. Accuracy improvements are likely after the collected data is processed.

Step 4: Finalization.

The project is finalized with the achievement of the goals and the expected results from all parties. Upon completion, we receive feedback from all involved parties and we prepare the final report so that all necessary data can be archived and be used in the future.


We are extremely sensitive and rigid about confidentiality and privacy issues. Confidentiality concerns both the commercial / industrial privacy of businesses and organizations we work with, as well as the personal / psychological privacy of people with whom we implement the sessions and training workshops. The principle of confidentiality covers every meeting even if it does not proceed to the undertaking of a project.