Our approach

We apply an integrative approach. We believe that the truth of human behavior can be understood not at the depth of an isolated expertise but in the range of different approaches. We believe that there is not one and only theory, model, technique that provides adequate solutions and answers for the complexity of human potential.

Therefore, based on the training and experience of our people, the attitudes, tools and techniques that we practice are made up from the following methods and approaches:

  • Positive Psychology Coaching.
  • Organizational Psychology.
  • Solution-focused Coaching.
  • Systemic Coaching.
  • EMDR Coaching for Performance (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing).
  • Narrative Coaching.
  • Cognitive-behavioral Coaching.
  • Goal-focused Coaching.
  • Person-centered Coaching.
  • Strengths-based Coaching.
  • Motivational Interview (MI-based Coaching).
  • Psychodynamic Coaching.
  • Applied Neuroscience.
  • Psychometrics in Coaching.
  • Adult Learning.

Evidence-based Practice

Our interventions are science-based and theoretically grounded. The tools and techniques we apply have been formulated in academic research. We are dedicated and professionally serve the field of Evidence-based Coaching.

An Evidence-based Coach is one who manages with mastery the objectivity of scientific knowledge and his and his client’s subjectivity. More specifically, he makes decisions and designs interventions by making creative use of the contemporary framework of reference formulated by research, his experience, and his client’s need, goals and general profile.