What we offer

During “Internal Coach Training”, we focus on training coaches who will provide learning, empowerment and goal achievement sessions within the organization, with executives and employees, taking into account the specific attributes of their role.

Internal Coach Training Programme

The “Internal Coach Training” programme is a professional coach training course, Graduates will provide coaching sessions within the organization as internal coaches. Internal coaches mainly provide individual sessions, deliver workshops, empower competent executives and foster a coaching culture that contributes to the overall improvement in executives’ performance.

  • Coaching from within
    The role of an internal coach is becoming all the more necessary, especially in large corporations and organizations. The internal coach is an excellent human resources empowerment and development tool.
  • Great possibilities, as well as challenges
    The role of an internal coach is demanding. The challenges faced concern hierarchy, confidentiality and ethics, while he/she must bring about significant changes in a short time.

Learning methodology

Our workshops combine the principles of contemporary adults learning and coaching. That is:

  • They aim at changing and developing executives.
  • They are experiential & encourage active participation.
  • They take advantage of the participants’ personality and experience.
  • They set clear and measurable training goals.
  • They include practical application of the skills they teach.
  • They are specialized and are designed further to the assessment of each business’ educational needs.

Why to choose us?

We apply an evidence-based, solution-focused, action and outcome oriented approach. We believe in human potential and the huge impact of small-scale qualitative interventions.


We are uniquely specialized in Coaching, Training & Psychology.


10 years of experience with executives, organizations and security services.


Distinct methodology, measurable outcome, no quotes.


Strict confidentiality rules for your industrial and personal data.

Ideal for:

The program is ideal for executives who will take on relevant roles and coach within the company or organization. No prior experience in coaching or extensive management experience is required. In particular, the candidates should have the following:

  • Over 30 years old.
  • Excellent knowledge of English.
  • At least 3 years of Management experience.
  • Postgraduate studies in HRM, Business or Organizational Psychology will help to achieve the best result.

Training Contents / Coaching-skills.

  • Coaching defined, Evidence-based approach.
  • Coaching-session: structure & techniques.
  • Communication techniques in Coaching.
  • Cognitive – Behavioral Coaching.
  • Integrative Executive Coaching model.
  • Solution-focused Coaching.
  • Special Issues in Internal Coaching.
  • Training in Positive Psychology Psychometric tools.

The programme’s content is defined and finalized after assessing the organization’s goals and the participants’ particular training needs.

Supervision & Follow up

In order to ensure successful intervention, we carry out supervision and follow-up meetings with the trainee team six months after the training.

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