We support & coach executives, managers, leaders and professionals

CP Coaching & Training Interventions Ltd specializes in coaching, training and psychosocial assessment for individuals and organizations. It was established to house the talents, knowledge, skills of our people and their dedication to the disciplines of coaching psychology and adults learning. We implement small-scale-qualitative interventions with great impact on the performance of individuals and organizations.

More specifically, we provide:

Coaching Sessions:

  • Leadership Coaching.
  • Executive Coaching.
  • Team Coaching.
  • Small Business Coaching.


  • Psychometrics
  • Assessment & Profiling.
  • Development of Coaching Culture.
  • Leadership Consulting.


  • Coaching Skills for Executives
  • Developing the Leader as Coach.
  • Internal Coach Training.
  • Psychological Capital Interventions.

Our identity

The values and principles of a system defines its identity and potential. In CP, we are characterized by:

Love of Learning

Lifelong learning & continues development


We believe in work as the pathway to progress


We have faith in human potential


Assessing cases from all sided based on evidence

Law profile

Making results without making noise


Genuineness, clarity and responsibility


No compromise on project quality


Self-Regulation, perseverance, focus on plan.

Greece & Cyprus

CP is based in Greece & Cyprus (Athens, Nicosia). We provide our services both in in greek and english with physical presence or via digital applications. At the same time, we are associated with international bodies of coach and coach training accreditation.