What we offer

During Assessment & Profiling, we focus on the dynamic growth of each executive, highlighting his/her particular behavioral and mental patterns, aligned with the goals and expectations of the profiling process.

What is executive profiling?

Profiling is a specialized and qualitative process that focuses on the person that is being analyzed. The elements to be highlighted concern the specific characteristics of his personality, the consistent patterns of thought and behavior, motivation type, character’s strengths and his psychological capital in association with the position and mission for which he is intended. The assessment is performed by consensus of all parties and it is subject to strict confidentiality.

  • Selection of people for roles and projects 
    Executive Profiling is an excellent tool that focuses on the qualitative psychological characteristics of people who will take on top positions or demanding projects and missions.
  • Reliability, Confidentiality, Neutrality
    Reliability, confidentiality, neutrality, the consent of the subjects and the objectivity of the assessment are the elements that make for an effective profiling process.

Why to choose us?

We apply an evidence-based, solution-focused, action and outcome oriented approach. We believe in human potential and the huge impact of small-scale qualitative interventions.


We are uniquely specialized in Coaching, Training & Psychology.


10 years of experience with executives, organizations and security services.


Distinct methodology, measurable outcome, no quotes.


Strict confidentiality rules for your industrial and personal data.

Ideal for:

Executive profiling is not a simple recruitment process. It is implemented in the assignment of significant leadership positions or in the undertaking of difficult and demanding projects. More specifically, it is ideal for the following:

  • Succession in ownership/leadership.
  • Undertaking top positions or demanding projects.
  • Large financial institutions.
  • Internet security corporations.
  • Military / police personnel.

What the process involves

  • Behavioral assessment based on psychosocial history.
  • Personality assessment tools.
  • Profile outlining based on professional life events.
  • Assessment of psychological capital.
  • Individual sessions with a specialized psychologist.
  • Clinical Interview.

Upon completion, a classified written recommendation report is submitted to an authorized representative of the organization that is committed to the protection of personal data.

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