What we offer

During the executive coaching sessions we work on behaviors, attitudes and skills which are strongly needed for an executive to be effective and achieve high performance. We have created a toolbox which is tailored for the needs and goals of lower and middle level executives.

What is Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching aims to develop the attitudes, behaviors and skills necessary for modern executives to perform their role, improving their effectiveness and productivity. We focus on the development and establishment of meta-learning patterns by enhancing autonomous learning that is to learn how to learn from their experience.

  • Personal development
    The professional development of every executive must be in harmony with personal as this affects his performance. Coaching is the ideal framework in which a holistic self-management approach can be cultivated.
  • Skills-based Coaching.
    Today, each executive must have increased skills in setting goals, planing, forecasting obstacles, taking action and initiatives, and making decisions. Coaching focuses on such skills.

Why to choose us?

We apply an evidence-based, solution-focused, action and outcome oriented approach. We believe in human potential and the huge impact of small-scale qualitative interventions.


We are uniquely specialized in Coaching, Training & Psychology.


10 years of experience with executives, organizations and security services.


Distinct methodology, measurable outcome, no quotes.


Strict confidentiality rules for your industrial and personal data.

Ideal for:

Executive Coaching is aimed at executives of all management levels, especially lower & middle management and people selected to enter Management. More specifically:

  • Executives.
  • Managers.
  • Project teams.

Executive Coaching works on:

  • Career and professional development issues.
  • Setting goals & designing a goal achievement plan.
  • Identifying and managing obstacles and threats.
  • Identifying and taking advantage of a character’s positive elements.
  • Enhancing system awareness and Management’s expectations.
  • Strengthening self-awareness.
  • Cultivating leadership skills.
  • Developing interpersonal skills.
  • Identifying behaviors and beliefs that inhibit success.
  • Development of positive solution-focused behaviors.
  • Developing presentation skills.
  • Anxiety & stress management.

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