Coaching on performance

In a market, where there is a growing need for businesses to maintain and increase the performance of their executives, it is necessary not only to highlight but also to adopt practices that will advance human capital of companies. Coaching, as a defining methodology for achieving goals and increasing performance, can give the answer to the question “In what ways can a company develop an executive highlighting and exploiting his/her positive characteristics?” It is usually depicted schematically that Coaching helps Coachee to reach his/her professional performance level from 7 to 9 or from 5 to 8 respectively. This example shows the positive effect Coaching may have on executives, where a moderate or a good performance can be improved and developed further with measurable and objectives elements.

This has, as its main effects, the following:

  • The business improves its results, as its executives achieve higher performance
  • The executives’ sense of commitment is enhanced, as they feel that their capabilities and skills have been honed
  • The company maintains a body of competent executives

Various studies show that Coaching has a positive impact not only on the Coachee but also on the whole organization. Some of the benefits the executive can have as well as company from Coaching are the follows’:

  • Increased performance of the executive
  • Aligning the expectations and goals between the executive and company
  • The strengthening of positive psychological capital of the executive and implementation of said skills in the company
  • Supporting the target processes for the execution of action plans
  • Encouraging the Coachee to take the initiative
  • Improving the resilience of the Coachee in everyday challenges
  • Mobilization towards action and change
  • Support for maintaining and stabilizing new data after objectives have been met

In conclusion, the goal of Executive Coaching is to develop businesses through staff development, as human capital is one of the most critical assets that a company has. Coaching has potential to be an important and needed ally in the enormous challenge of human resource management. This is both in terms of staff development as well as in the general culture that prevails in the organization.


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