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www.cpinterventions.com (hereinafter referred to as “Site”) is the website of “Athens Coaching Institute Limited Liability Company” (hereinafter “Company” or “we”), which is based in Palaio Faliro, Attica, 2, Achilleos str., a branch of the foreign company under the name “CP Coaching & Training Interventions LIMITED”, having its registered office in Nicosia, Cyprus, 2, Andreas Zakou str., Engomi, legally established in Greece under decision No. 125/18-01-2018 of the Regional Vice Governor of Southern Regional District of Athens, with “GEMI” (General Commercial Register) number: 144981608001, TAX ID: EL996973357, Piraeus Tax Office for Commercial Companies (in Greek: FAE) Telephones: (+30) 210 9859680, (+357) 22260576. Email address: [email protected]

The Company provides vocational training services, occupational psychology services, coaching and business consulting and operates in Greece as a Lifelong Learning Centre under license 2101733 from the National Agency for Qualification and Vocational Education (in Greek: EOPEPP). Legal representative of Athens Coaching Institute LLC is Charalambos Petras.

The Site provides information on the Company’s services, such as coaching, consulting and professional training for business executives, the Company’s profile and the subject matter of Coaching Psychology. Access to the Site, use of its content and reception of the Company’s services are subject to the conditions of use as described below (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”). By visiting the Site, using its information and applications, and receiving the Company’s services, you agree to these terms.

Through the Site, contact by phone and online contact forms, the Company can collect information, personal data of users/visitors, interested parties, customers and prospective clients. The services provided by the Company are geared exclusively towards adults, individuals and businesses, natural and legal entities; we do not knowingly collect any information about minors (children).



Every time you visit the Site or/and use its applications, the Company may collect and use data relating to you. Part of this data is necessary so that you can access the Site and the services it provides. The recipient of these data is solely the Company which will use it to enhance your browsing and create an effective channel to communicate with you regarding the possible provision of the its services to you. Some of your personal data (such as name and email) may be used by the Company to occasionally send you notices for significant modifications related to the operation of the Site and new services we provide to you. You understand and agree that the Company may need to disclose some of this data to third parties in order to comply with applicable law, such as in a court proceeding. However, the Company will not share your data with any third party or use it for other commercial and promotional purposes unless it is explicitly authorized to do so. In any case, you have the right to access, modify, update, correct or delete your personal data (free of charge) in accordance with current data protection provisions, taking into account that in some cases deleting data can by definition make it impossible for us to provide services. You can exercise your above rights inexpensively, as well as recall your consent by contacting the Company at the following email address:  [email protected]  under the title: “PRIVACY”. You can also contact the Data Protection Authority using the online forms provided at www.dpa.gr.

The Company uses all the necessary means to protect the security and privacy of the files containing personal data collected from its Site in accordance with applicable law and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). However, the Company does not control the functions of the Internet and reminds you that there is a potential risk regarding privacy of the data transmitted through it. Additionally, the messages you send to the Company via email may not be secure. The Company recommends that you do not send confidential information to it through email. However, if you choose to do so, you accept the risk that such confidential information may be intercepted, misused or altered by third parties. We are making every possible effort and have taken all necessary measures to reduce the risk of unauthorized access and misuse of your personal data, for instance, by applying encryption technologies. However, no system is considered to be immune to malicious actions from third parties.


The Company keeps a record of personal data of customers and prospective customers, i.e. interested natural and legal persons who communicate with the Company (name, address, telephone number and e-mail address – email, name and activity and tax information) which are necessary for our communication with you and the provision of our services (issue of export documents, issue of certification diplomas). Upon completion of our collaboration with our customers, we only keep a record of clients who have completed one of the Company’s programmes/seminars or have received counseling, coaching and psychology services (name, company name, phone number, email) in case a re-issuance of a certificate or of a tax display transaction export document is required). You provide these data to us either by telephone or through online forms through our Site or at the beginning of our cooperation and the service order. Upon completion of the partnership, the Company maintains only a record of clients who completed one of the programs / seminars or received counseling, coaching and psychological services, which includes name, firm, telephone and email, the required data in case of re-issuing a certification of completion or an invoice, if needed, without retaining any other information and data, the content and history of our cooperation. If the Company requests your consent for any other use of data, it will do it so in writing a letter to you and you will be able to withdraw your consent at any time, as well as requesting your data to be deleted.The accuracy and authenticity of the data submitted in all cases fall under the responsibility of the persons submitting them, so any interested person is able to request their updating at any time. In any case, your consent to the acceptance of these terms may be freely revoked by you, considering that in such a case it may be impossible to use the Site as well as to provide our services to you.


The Company may use cookies to provide classified information whenever you connect to the Site, as well as to facilitate the management of the Site, mainly for statistical purposes and to facilitate its use by you.However, we do not use third-party cookies, that is, for advertising and promotion reasons for third-party products or/ and services providers. When you enter our Site, you are requested to confirm navigation (click “button”) after you have been informed and you have consented to the use of cookies. By confirming navigation and by using the services of our Site, you consent to the use of cookies by us and to the relevant processing of the data collected in this way and you authorize the storage of such cookies and their use by the Company for the purposes mentioned above. In any case, and in particular with regard to cookies, you can withdraw your consent at any time by modifying the relevant electronic search engine settings, as well as by simply deleting them from your search engine and computer. You can learn about the function of cookies and its settings in several browsers in the following links:


The Company gives you the opportunity to contact a representative through electronic forms. The data you fill in is declared at your own risk. If you send a message (communication, question, request) using the relevant forms and fill in your personal information (name, telephone, email) you explicitly consent to the use of this data by the Company. The Company will use the information and data you provide to communicate with you and fulfill any of your orders. The Company has taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect such data. You may request the deletion of your information at any time, knowing that this may impede the provision of the service on the part of the Company.


The Site gives you the opportunity and option to subscribe to the Company’s regular newsletter. The Company maintains a list of updates which includes only email addresses. These updates relate to the sending of newsletters containing information about the Company’s services, activities and profile. You can subscribe to the list of updates by giving your explicit consent through the relevant forms available on the Site. Please read the terms of privacy before subscribing to the relevant list. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time in the same way you subscribed.


The information contained in the Site (including, but not limited to: information, texts, images, sounds, logos and generally any kind of data, hereinafter referred to as the “Content”) as well as the Site itself, is protected by copyright and any databases remain in the exclusive possession of the Company, which reserves all rights (including copyrights, trademarks, patents and any other intellectual property rights regarding all information provided to the Site or through it (including texts, graphics and logos). Any total or partial export, re-use, reproduction, representation or modification of all or part of the Content for purposes other than personal and strictly private (including, in particular, any exposure to the public or any commercial use) is prohibited without the explicit prior authorization of Company. Any quantitative or qualitative substantial export or re-use of all or part of the data contained on the Site is prohibited, even for private use. In addition, any repeated and systematic export or re-use of any quantitative or qualitatively non-essential part of the content of the Site is prohibited, even for private use, when such actions exceed the normal limits determined in the terms of use of the Site. You are entirely responsible for your use of the Content which appears on the Site, including third parties’ content.

The trademarks and logos of the Site constitute property of the Company. Any re-use of any of these logos and trademarks is prohibited unless you have been authorized by the Company or a third party that owns similar logos and trademarks. No reference on the Site may be construed as granting rights to you in respect of the logos and trademarks mentioned above. Other products or services that are mentioned on the web pages of the Site and bear the trademarks of their respective organizations, companies, affiliates, associations or publications are their own intellectual and industrial property and therefore the above entities are responsible in this respect. Third-party copyright material on the Site has been uploaded in good faith and for information purposes. It is understandable that they will be removed at the request of the beneficiaries.


The Company reserves the right to modify, suspend or/ and interrupt at any time, occasionally or permanently, the operation of all or part of the Site, update or correct the information available on it or improve it without prior notice. The Company has no responsibility for modifying, suspending or terminating the operation of the Site or access to it. In order to prevent the spread of computer viruses or other malicious programs, the Company makes every possible effort to apply those technical means that are compatible with current standards. However, taking into account the structure of the Internet and the fact that it evolves so rapidly, the Company is not in a position to provide guarantees regarding the complete absence of viruses or other harmful programs. Therefore, in order to reduce the risks, it is your responsibility to regularly save your data before connecting to the Internet, as well as to install appropriate anti-virus programs.


In accordance with the applicable regulatory provisions, you explicitly acknowledge and agree that: The Site is offered to you “AS IT IS” and is accessible according to its availability, without any clear or underlying warranty of any kind on the part of the Company, as well as that you assume all responsibility and the risk regarding the use of the Site. The Company does not provide any promise or warranty that the Site will perform in the expected manner, without interruptions or errors, nor that these interruptions and errors will be repaired. The Company does not provide any kind of guarantee, clear or underlying, as to the accuracy, depletion and compatibility of the information you access on the Site though its intentional use. Any kind of material you download or acquire in any way is at your own peril and risk. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages your computer might suffer. Also, the Company does not control the functions of the Internet and reminds you that there is a likelihood of risk both in terms of the confidentiality of data or other confidential data transmitted through it or via email as well as when you send information to us, because it can be intercepted, misused or altered by third parties. To the extent permitted by applicable legal or regulatory provisions, the Company disclaims all liability for direct or indirect damages, including in particular: loss of profits, customers, data, or proprietary ownership that may result from the use of the Site or because of the inability to use or transmit information through it, electronic forms or e-mail, etc.). In addition, the Company does not assume any responsibility with respect to the services that you access via the Internet. The Company disclaims all responsibility for anything that results from the use of the Site which is not in accordance with its terms and conditions of use. Furthermore, the Company reserves all legal rights to control, restrict and delete what is unrelated to the proper use of the Site in order to ensure its proper and foreseeable use.  The Company makes every possible effort to ensure that all content and information displayed on the Site is accurate, clear, correct, complete, updated and available. However, it does not guarantee and therefore is not responsible (not even by negligence) for any damage that may be caused to the visitor/user or/and any third party, due to the use and information of the Site and its services. Any information included or mentioned in this Site is only indicative and should not be construed as advice or encouragement. For personalized advice, please contact a professional coach. No part of the Site’s Content is and cannot in any way be regarded, directly or indirectly, as incitement, instruction, advice or encouragement for any act or omission, but it is at the discretion of the users/visitors to act upon their own judgement and of their own accord, excluding any liability of the Company.


The Site may contain links to other Internet sites (mainly informative and related to the Company’s subject matter). The Company does not assume responsibility for the content of the other websites you may access through the links provided by the Site. The presence of active links on the Site does not in any way mean that the Company controls or approves their content. The Company does not control the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and comprehensiveness of the services of other websites and pages to which you are redirected by this link. Links are intended solely for the convenience of visitors/users of the Site, and the websites to which they redirect are subject to the respective terms of use of those sites. Placing links on the Site is not a sign of approval or acceptance of the contents of the respective websites, the Company does not bear any responsibility for their content nor any damage resulting from their use as the visitors have access to them at their own risk.


These Terms of Use as well as the GDPR n respect of personal data are governed by Greek law. Any dispute arising out of the use of the Site falls under the jurisdiction of the Greek courts, and in particular those of Athens. These terms constitute an agreement between the Customer (i.e. you) and the Company regarding its Site and supplement any other possible agreement between us, such as the provision of the Company’s services to you. The Company may modify the Terms of Use & Privacy without prior notice. All modifications shall be dated as the latest version and once the changes are published on the Site, you will automatically be deemed to have unconditionally accepted them. The Company shall announce any changes to this policy, but it is your responsibility to periodically visit and check the Site for any changes. The use of the Company’s services implies acceptance of the terms of use, its program policies and privacy policy.

Last updated on: Novemeber 23, 2018